Argan Oil is a precious and unusual oil extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa), which is endemic to a area in southwest Morocco in between Agadir, Essaouira and Taroudant.
Its ecological and social values make the evergreen Argan one particular of North Africa’s most valuable tree species.
In 1999, UNESCO added the Argan tree to the Globe Heritage List, declaring the twenty five,000 sq. kilometres
of Argan woodlands a Biosphere Reserve.
The production of the oil is a really laborious, handbook method performed by the Berber girls. Initial, they independent the challenging shell nut from the fleshy fruit, and then they crack the shell employing a stone to gather the kernels, which have an oil material of much more than fifty%. In the movie, (don’t change your configurations, there is no seem) you can see how every single nut is cracked 1-by-one particular. These ladies do this for hours and hours.
The kernels – roasted to make culinary oil, and uncooked to make cosmetic oil – are ground into a brown paste from which the oil is mechanically extracted by cold and dry pressing, with no additional solvents or water.
To guarantee best top quality, our Argan oil is freshly pressed to buy. This signifies that, dependent on the volume requested, the bare minimum production time is up to a single 7 days or far more. As the one hundred% pure natural and organic oil consists of no preservatives, below perfect storage circumstances the certain life span is twelve months for the culinary oil and 24 months for the beauty oil.
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Rewards of Argan Oil
This a hundred% pure, totally natural Argan Oil consists of no artificial colouring or preservatives and provides many beauty and medicinal homes:
Naturally abundant in vitamin E and antioxidants, which support neutralise totally free radicals and avert skin hurt.
eighty% unsaturated, containing 8 crucial fatty acids like Omega six, which are not able to be created by the body.
Aids digestion, helps avert reduction of humidity from the skin, and the important fatty acids also aid enhance blood circulation and reduced cholesterol levels.
Consists of unusual plant sterols, which have anti-inflammatory homes and can support circumstances this kind of as arthritis.
Consists of saponins, which soften the skin and help minimize pimples and eczema.